Four Thieves- A Folktale


Have you ever heard the story of the four thieves during the Black Death in Europe? It is quite an interesting tale! 

In the mid 1300's, Europe and Asia were at the height of a devastating plague. It is estimated that 25 million people died in Europe during the four year pandemic that became best known as the "Black Death."  The plague began with flu-like conditions that quickly attacked the blood system with a bacteria infection that ended in death. The illness was highly contagious to anyone who encountered the suffering, or dead, who had contracted it.

However, during this time it is said that there were four men who would pillage from the dead taking anything of value. These men were spice traders who had fallen on hard times due to the loss of trade. The story goes that when the King caught the thieves he promised to pardon them of their crimes if they told how they had managed to not contract the deadly plague. The thieves told the King that they used a combination of lemon,eucalyptus, rosemary, cloves and cinnamon and applied this concoction to the masks they wore over their faces as well as on their hands, temples, ears and feet. 

We now know that these plants and spices contain  antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and anti-viral properties. The concentration of these properties is even greater when essential oils are used. This blend of essential oils, now commonly known as "Thieves" is used to clean, disinfect homes and boost immune systems.

 We also now know the importance of good hand washing. So why not combine these essential oils in a soap?

Applying the essential oils in carrier oils to our pulse points and bottoms of feet  is believed to give one an immune boost. If nothing else, it certainly smells great!! 

Red Sky Homestead offers both a "Thieves" blend soap and an essential oil Roller Ball Bottle that contains the traditional thieves blend. Both are available on the online store at

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